Bitcoinvest – Bitcoin Cloud Mining

Bitcoinvest – Bitcoin Cloud Mining

 Your chance to get involved in Bitcoin

Our service

  • Bitcoinvest consists of a team of experts, entrepreneurs, professionals, network sales reps and IT programmers
  • We offer a competent solution to jointly generate Bitcoins

Why choose us?

  • We offer various investment packages
  • German Bitcoin Cloud Mining Company
  • Without conflicts with current costs, management and installations
  • The entire Bitcoin mining is created in a cloud

How to invest in Bitcoivest

  • All our packages are acquirable exclusively with Bitcoins
  • All payments are made in Bitcoins
  • We set our prices in USD fixed (we accept as payment no USD or local currency)

How does the bitcoin mining pool works?

  • In Bitcoin mining pools are formed by thousands of machine links.
  • Thus, the speed and the payout is increased
  • More BitPower means more earnings

How to withdraw Bitcoins?

  • You will receive a daily percentage of Bitcoins that you have acquired through their mining package
  • Your profits can be managed quickly and easily in your backoffice
  • The payouts can be manually or automatically


Calculation of invest 1000$

(1 Bitcoin = 10600$ // 29.11.2017 )


If you like to start with Bitcoinvest klick here


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